Why Blog?

Why blog?

For business people it is a way to be noticed but contrary to the consumer blogger who wants to be noticed by his peers or community the business blogger needs to be noticed by Google.  Yes Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are the audience for the business blogger.  If you only remember one thing from this blog post make it this.  Writing a 200 or 300 word blog post on a specific topic that is highly relevant to your business is the same to Google as creating a new web page for your website.  100 blog posts are equal to 100 web pages to the search engines if the content is relevant to the products and services you sell.

A blog offers maybe the best way for a small business person to be noticed or even become dominant in their market.  Consider this, if you are a heating and air conditioning contractor in a city of 500,000 people and you write a blog post 3 days a week for one year.  You would have 156 posts or 156 additional pages for your business being indexed by the search engines.   How many of your competitors are doing that? What would it cost to have your web designer build and implement 156 new web pages? How good would it be to appear at #1 or #2 in the organic search results in the major search engines?

No time or interest in writing a blog?  I know a few people who would be happy to write blog posts for your business and it does not cost a lot.  It’s a very effective way to invest a portion of your advertising budget.  Blogging or Yellow pages? Think about it’s a real choice and an important decision.

I smell money my friend.  Go get it.

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