What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing Vero Beach

Business people today are overwhelmed by articles, webinars, books, solicitations and just general hype about the Internet.  The difficult part of all this is determining how the marketing channel can be used for our business.  What does it all mean?  How can we utilize this fantastic new medium to improve our businesses?

The process is complex but the elements are fairly simple to outline.  Remember that the goal is to be present on the Internet so your company can be found easily by customers and prospects.  This is important for two reasons.

  1. Customers will visit your website to get information about your company before they will call with a question.  The basic information about location, products, service area, specialties, testimonials, geographic location and contact information is critical content for your website.

  2. The Internet is the best place for potential new customers to find your business.  So, creating a web presence that allows your company to be readily found when prospects are looking for new sources is critical to your success.

For services like printing that must have a reputation for service and quality, the Internet is the best place to tell your story and motivate people to choose your company.  It can also help you retain existing customers.

There are five important elements in developing and maintaining a competitive Internet presence and they are:

  1. Website
    a.  Establish credibility with high quality professional design
    b.  Capture more leads with effective website landing pages

  2. Search
    a.  Establish credibility with high quality professional design
    b.  Capture more leads with effective website landing pages

  3. Social
    a.  Use social media sources that make sense for your business
    b.  Ensure you’re getting the right exposure with proven online reputation tactics

  4. Mobile
    a.  Send a message to your customers when they’re on the move and ready to act
    b.  Stay connected with customers on tablets and smart phones with mobile friendly design

  5. Freshness
    a.  Add new information to your website, blog and social sites to build your reputation as an expert in your field
  6. The printing industry runs mostly on quality and reputation.  The Internet offers a perfect venue to tell your story and differentiate your business form competitors.  Implementing the previously mentioned tactics you can control your marketing message, build your brand and attract the prospects that are best suited to your specialty products and services.

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