Vero Beach Personalized Digital Marketing

Vero Beach Personalized Digital Marketing Strategy Personalized digital marketing is a relatively new and foreign term to most people.  But, is here and available now and even better it’s a powerful marketing strategy. I live in Vero Beach and I have people telling me that “everybody in town knows me and my business I don’t…

5 Facts About SEO

SEO facts are constantly changing. At one time, SEO focused on the technical aspects of a site, whereas today, SEO focuses more on user-friendliness, engagement and visibility. As more users rely on Google to deliver the best, most accurate SERPs, those sites that are in the top positions automatically build trust in users. Here are…

What Happened to Link Building?

When I started my business in digital marketing my first thought was link building is too easy and isn’t this creating a lot of junk out there on the internet? I learned that truly this was an accepted way of “advertising” a website on the internet. It was also incredibly easy and unbelievably cheap. There…


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