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Over the past few years many have ignored social media in favor of pay-click-click for revenue generation.  I have been involved in pay per click programs that have spent 100′s of thousands of dollars to generate leads.  When considering all opportunities to present your business PPC is still probably the easiest and fastest solution and it offers a very direct way to track ROI.  We always gravitate to the fast and easy and if it offers and element of CYA (cover your ass) we go for it big time, we’re human.

I attended the Annual WSI International Excellence and Innovation conference held in South Beach, FL this past weekend.  A few things are incredibly clear.  The internet is still evolving at a very rapid pace.  It is like one big think tank where everyone in the world is a contributing member.  It has everything from wild and unimaginable new ideas to tiny little businesses that are paying hard earned money to find new customers.  Yes and we can’t forget that poor Nigerian guy with the money problem and a need for your help.  The Internet is an open and fully democratized society for progress and mostly good in the world.  Think about that for a minute.  Never before, Never Before one more time NEVER BEFORE has there been so much available to so many for so little cost. Half the worlds population has a computer now and this number continues to grow.

Social media has the spotlight for the next 15 minutes or in Web time 15 nanoseconds.  One key factor is a declining emphasis on the PROVE it works factor.  PPC is still heavily weighted with great measures like views, clicks, conversion, leads, closing rates, average sale, lifetime value of a customer all tied together in a neat little package.  This makes all the traditional direct marketers and advertising people who have had a tremendous impact on the transition to online marketing very happy.  But these 50 somethings are losing their grip to the 20 somethings. Checkout this article from eMarketer even the B2B crowd is investing in Social now.

This means the fuzzy monetization of social media is becoming more acceptable to serious marketers and the people who are leading the charge in online marketing these days.  The 20 somethings perceive the value and require less hard proof that it works.  The not so 20 somethings are beginning to equate it with word-of-mouth advertising which makes them feel all warm and fuzzy.  This means faster broader implementation of Social marketing tactics in the B2B arena.

What does that mean? It means that mass marketing has met individual marketing on the same play ground and for now they are getting along. For at least a week or two there is perceived value in coming together socially to sell their stuff and ideas.  May I offer you a frozen Facebook Margarita and would you like that with or without analytics?

It seems that many are thinking a click is a click is a click these days.

Thanks for reading.

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