SEO Isn’t Dead. It’s Just Changing.

SEO-not-deadThe SEO community loves making predictions about whether or not Search Engine Optimization is dead, dying or will soon be facing death. But just like other forms of marketing, SEO is NOT dead or irrelevant; it’s simply changing. By understanding these changes and making modifications to your marketing strategy, you’ll fare much better than those who avoid SEO.

What marketers must recognize is that they need to break away from the mentality that their site is built for Google. At one point in time, not long ago, websites were tailored to accommodate the search engines, even if they offered little value for users. These sites included duplicate or thin content, poor links, slow load times and the overstuffing of keywords. Maybe they were ranked well according to the search engines, but they didn’t do much to engage visitors, increase brand awareness and boost ROI.

With new algorithms in place – Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, to name a few – Google is finally focusing on the right things: quality content, good links, seamless site architecture and engagement on social media sites. Today’s webmasters need to focus on building a great site that meets the mission of the company, and through this, they will enjoy all the benefits of good SEO.

Here are a few tips for embracing the “new and improved” SEO.

Have a blog, and blog consistently. The search engines index sites continuously, so the more new, relevant content you add, the better. The best way to add new content on a regular basis is to keep a blog. Blog posts with 600+ words are ranked better.

Write naturally; keyword stuffing IS dead. Stuffing your content with keywords is a no no. You’ll be flagged and penalized by Google, dropping your rankings. Instead, write naturally and include a few good keywords that users may be searching for.

Produce unique product descriptions. Even though some of your products may be sold by other companies, choose a unique name for them. You don’t want Google to penalize your site for duplicate content, and you want customers to buy the product from your site.

SEO is far from dead. The goal is to provide users with the best experience possible so that you get more traffic to your site and make people stick around long enough to try/buy your product or service.

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