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I found a blog post today with the Top 10 Free Small Business SEO Tools. The article is from This is by far the best, to the point, brief and useful list of SEO tools I’ve found.  It needs to be simple and to the point for me to get it and this one worked for me.  You will note that there aren’t many surprises on the list.  The value here is the writer James A. Martin took the time to make a list with just 10 items.  That means he took the time to eliminate dozens if not hundreds of other tools and trick.  I am most thankful for that part.

Google won with the most tools including: AdWords Keyword Tool, Google Analytics, Google Insights for Search, Google Trends, Google Local Business Center and finally to complete my list of items in an attempt to get some visitors to this blog, Google Webmaster Tools.  Facebook makes an appearance in addition to Twitter.

So why post this in public when I sell these services? Here’s my thinking.  I have a garage full of beautiful tools that I have collected over the years.  I know how all of them work and have experience doing all kinds of projects.  I even built a two story shed without drawings that came out great.

These days all those tools pretty much sit unused while I hire people to bring their tools to my house and do the work I need done.  That’s life.  I have tools to fix the car I know where the auto parts store is but there is no way I am ever going to fix my own car.  In my mind Internet Marketing works the same way. Small business needs me and thousands of others like me to do the work.

I think the list is also a good commentary on the complexity of online marketing.  The list makes me feel needed and we all want that.

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