What are the Primary Elements in Local SEO?

local-seoLocal SEO is a type of online marketing that increases a business’ visibility for geographically related keywords. Although you may be hearing a lot about local SEO as of lately, it’s a relatively new word that didn’t appear much until 2008. The reason for this is because, traditionally, people would search for local businesses using the Yellow Pages. Now, more people are using the internet for scoping out local restaurants and services in their area, and Google does a great job of identifying these websites when the user enters in a city or state.

As more people use Google to search for local entities, it’s becoming more important for businesses to prove to the search engine that they are a real company with a real location. Having a verified phone number and mailing address is a good start, but you also need other elements that make up the backbone of local SEO.


The first element is a clean and simple website. It should be responsive to all devices: mobile, tablet and PC. Be sure to keep your logo consistent, and have your business’ contact information in a visible spot. Keep in mind that your site is the first impression of your business, and you want to find creative ways to make visitors want to stay. An online coupon or free item can be a great incentive for getting people through your door.


Keeping an updated blog shows the search engines that your site is updated regularly, and shows your audience that you are an authority in your field. With so many business blogs out there, the competition is higher, so find a voice that speaks to your customers. Posts about local events and community involvement is a great way to connect with a local audience.


Link building is a critical factor in building your SEO. Just be sure that your links are relevant, as the new Google updates penalize sites with spammy links. Some of these links will happen naturally from your audience. Others can be implemented into blog posts or news articles linking back to your website.

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Geo-targeting is important if you want to get noticed on a local level. Use keywords that include your location throughout your site, such as florist in Jacksonville FL or Jacksonville Florida florists. If you work mostly with local customers, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to use geo-targeted keywords to your advantage.

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