WSI Social Media Marketing Services Leverage User Generated Content

Perhaps one of the biggest opportunities offered by the Internet is the ability to forge relationships through online communities. As a business owner in Florida you have the immense potential to leverage social conversations online and market yourself better, i.e. Social Media Marketing (SMM). User generated content has a much greater credibility factor compared with you talking about your own brand or company.

Social Media Marketing focuses on marketing communication, branding and the social interaction with your target market. SMM fosters two-way communications rather than the traditional one-way broadcast of your marketing message. While it is inexpensive compared with many other types of marketing, SMM does take time and dedication. It is not about random connections in the social media world of conducting business. On the contrary, it involves building lasting relationships that help generate leads and shore up business deals or sales leads.

Social Media Marketing makes use of multiple venues and multiple media types found online. The goal of these online tools is to engage and interact in many places and in many ways. SMM gives people and businesses a chance to ask questions, talk, learn, network, bookmark, vote, share information and opinions, give feedback on other social activities around a given topic, etc. It is not about marketing directly or selling. It is a way of knowing what’s working, what’s not by keeping an ear to the ground.

Social Media Marketing can be used to:

  • Create a buzz about your brand or company online
  • Build a fan following
  • Communicate with prospective/current customers
  • Gather feedback and act upon it
  • Share ideas, opinions and knowledge about your industry
  • Analyze and comment on industry trends to be seen as the expert
  • Develop and distribute rich, relevant content that will boost your SEO

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