WSI SEO Services Improve Search Engine Rankings and Visibility

Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are both very fast-moving fields of specialization. Search engines like Google are constantly changing their algorithms to improve search quality for users. Amateurs and part-time dabblers in SEO cannot possibly keep pace with the evolving dynamics.

Would you trust your Florida business in the hands of inexperienced and unqualified individuals posing as SEO “experts”? If you do, you’re running the risk of losing big money just to save a few pennies in the short term. Now does that mean that a true SEO expert will charge very high fees? Not necessarily. The basis of search engine marketing success is a thoroughly researched and strategically implemented SEO program. Your investment should be carefully monitored to ensure you are getting good returns, ongoing.

Hiring a Search Engine Optimization consultant is a big decision that can potentially improve your website and its rankings, but you could also risk damaging your website if the optimization process is not done correctly. Contact us now for a comprehensive SEO Site Audit by WSI Web Sales Now.

Search engine optimization requires continuous training and research by the implementation team

In 87 countries around the world, businesses – big, small and medium sized – rely on the SEO expertise of trained and certified WSI Internet Marketing Consultants. We won’t promise you the moon and the stars, nor sell you a dream that we’ll put your website in the #1 position on Google overnight. Yes, we have delivered these stunning results to clients before but that’s not what we aim for. What we do aim for is steadily increasing search engine rankings and visibility for your business. The goal is to help you edge out your competitors on a solid foundation of organic search prowess that can’t be easily shaken.

How do we do this? Following SEO best practices and including SEM essentials in our services.

We examine the following elements of your website and where appropriate, make changes to achieve better search engine rankings for your website:

  • Page titles and headings
  • Meta descriptions and keywords
  • Checking for duplicate copy
  • A conversion-based navigation structure
  • Internal link structure
  • Avoid duplicate site issues
  • Alt tags optimization
  • Anchor text
  • Site map(s)
  • Google Maps and Google Places listings

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