Display Advertising Builds Brand Awareness 

Benefits: Lead Generation, Store Traffic, In-Bound Calls, Brand Awareness

Brand awareness advertising can help your promote your business with catchy and appealing animated banner and side-panel ads on the most popular advertising supported websites. Your ads will have trackable telephone numbers and an active link to any page on your website or to a custom designed landing site.

The objective of the display awareness campaign is to reinforce your brand in your community by placing your ad on wide array of advertising supported websites. We can select from general focus sites or we can target topical websites that are closely aligned with your service and products.

This is a great way to deliver your message to individuals that may not be aware of your company. It can also help you reinforce your brand and maintain a top-of-mind awareness in your community.

Display Re-Marketing Advertising

Re-marketing is a clever and innovative tool used by thousands of large and small companies to reinforce their brand for specifically targeted customers and prospects. With re-marketing we can deliver your ad to an individual that has visited your website for a 30 day period of time.

What happens is, when a visitor comes to your website a “cookie” is placed on the visitors computer. This cookie is read by subsequent websites that are visited. When the cookie is found your ad is displayed to that visitor. This means over a 30 day period of time as our visitor surfs the web they will be presented your display ad on a wide selection of advertising supported websites. You can include Facebook and other social websites as well. In effect, your website visitors are continuously reminded of having visited your website so we are re-marketing your business to them.

WSI Online Display Advertising Advantage

Online display advertising is efficient and cost effective with cost-per-thousand rate well below traditional media. One other advantage is you only pay for the times your ad is shown. So you definitely get what you pay for.


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