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From text-based to video, audio and all types of social media based content, there can be no denying the importance of content in Internet marketing. It is content that helps differentiate your Florida company and your brand from others in your industry. The online audience can only temporarily be impressed (if at all) by catchy slogans, punchy taglines and visual attractions. A brand is much more than these surface elements and it is the promise of your brand that you must convey through valuable content. That’s when your prospects and customers start taking notice of your business as one they can trust and would consider working with. Content marketing holds the key.

Creating content for the web requires skill and a deep understanding of online audience behavior as well as the search engines. Web-friendly content is one that helps improve your position on the search engines, but at the same time, it addresses the needs of your target audience by providing useful and interesting information.

When you add relevant content to your website on an ongoing basis, the overall quality of your website improves. Search engines recognize your site as a valuable content rich site. By optimizing content with relevant keywords, you will get organic (free) focused traffic to your site. In essence, this means better leads and higher potential to convert into sales.

Content Marketing Creates Engagement

WSI works with all types of industry verticals across the globe. Here, in Florida as well, our clients range from B2B to B2C, to non-profit organizations, retail companies, professional services, consultants and more. We often get asked a question like, “My clients already have so much being thrown at them every day. Will they make the time to read our content or will we only be creating more interruptions to their work day?”

The answer to that is simple, if your content does not add value it will be viewed as an interruption, undoubtedly. However, useful, interesting and refreshing content creates engagement. Once your target audience is suitably engaged by the content you are marketing, you have their attention. It gives you the opportunity to communicate key messages more effectively because they have chosen to listen and interact with your brand.

WSI Web Sales Now helps businesses such as yours with content marketing tools and techniques like:

  • Keyword-rich web pages
  • SEO-friendly articles
  • Press releases / news releases
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Web-based videos
  • Blog posts and blog articles
  • Social media content via Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Squidoo Lenses
  • And much more!

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