Gain online credibility, establish trust, convert and retain more customers

First impressions and “word-of-mouth” marketing are equally, if not more important in the online world than they are in the offline world. Foot traffic in a physical store is often encouraged by a good word on the street. A great first impression and positive customer experience will bring buyers back to your store. The same is true with an online business and your website. Happy customers are highly likely to send you referral business online and come back themselves. Being able to nurture and solidify a strong relationship is largely dependent on the trust factor. You can’t always win on price, location and other logistical criteria, but establishing trust and strengthening your online reputation is certainly within your control.Looking for ways to convert and retain more customers for your Florida business? WSI Vero Beach can help you gain their confidence using online best practices that boost your credibility.

Achieving Online Credibility

When people hear good things about your Florida-based company from people they trust, it increases your chances to gain their trust in turn. However, once a new prospect is on your site, you need to make a good first impression. You can do this by offering highly targeted and relevant content that helps users find exactly what they are looking for. If you can deliver on the promises that your word of mouth brand marketing makes, you get conversions! A sound online brand reputation can work wonders for your Florida business.

Online Customer Testimonials

A first-time customer may want to trust you but feels anxious about becoming a guinea pig! Knowing that others have tried and tested your products and services can keep their fears at bay. How do customer testimonials on relevant web pages help increase your conversion rate? Quite simply, visitors can relate to and verify the validity of your claims, which encourages their buying actions.

WSI Vero Beach can help you integrate high quality audio, video and keyword-rich testimonials on your website as well as on your social media pages. Let’s work on a strategic plan to increase your online credibility and improve the chance of your visitors becoming your customers.

Leveraging Social Media to Enhance Your Credibility

Encourage positive reviews and posts by adding more information to the social conversations about your brand. One negative post can incite other negative experiences to come into the open. Using social media to distribute your content to channels such as blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Squidoo, Hub Pages, Flickr and many more will initiate the conversation that contributes to your word of mouth marketing. While there are multiple channels that are also easy to use, monitoring and management of your brand reputation across these can be an overwhelming task. It’s easy to get carried away and be swamped. In that lies the risk of not catching a negative spark in time to douse it.

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