How Do I Increase My Google Maps Ranking?

google-mapsThe wonderful thing about Google Maps is that a business can rank well in Maps without having a well-ranked website. Of course, having an optimized website is ideal, but at least Google Maps gives a fair opportunity for local businesses to claim their spot. As more businesses are joining the listings, however, Google has had to up their ante.

Traditionally, Google relied on the information they had from the business itself to rank the listing. If the business had accurate, complete information listed, they generally had a good standing. Now, Google is paying more attention to what others are saying about a business.

If you have a local company, there’s no doubt that you want your listing at the top. How do you get it there? Here are some tips to help improve your Google Maps ranking.

Verify the Information

This simple but effective step is just what you need to ensure that your phone number and physical location are correct. If your business has two phone numbers, pick one. Google only allows one phone number for each physical location.

Add User Reviews

Reviews are perhaps the most important factor, as Google wants to know what others are saying about your business. Customer reviews can be good or bad for your reputation depending on the experiences others have had with your business. To encourage positive ratings, have some of your top customers write something about you. Don’t ask for fake reviews of course; instead, set up a landing page that you can direct clients to.

Be in the Right Category

Google offers a handful of categories, and you have the ability to create one if you’d like. Make sure the category accurately represents your business. Use the secondary categories for location-specific keywords that will help you be seen by local customers. More on that….

Include Geo-Targeted Keywords

In your anchor text, be sure to include location-specific keywords. This goes much farther than saying “click here” or “read more.” Also, include good keywords in your description. Just be sure not to overstuff your writing with keywords; less is better, but you still want a few long-tail keywords to define your business.

Here are a few things to avoid, as they negatively impact rankings on Google Maps:

  • Using a 1-800 number
  • Having multiple addresses or phone numbers
  • Multiple listings with the same business name
  • Negative customer ratings


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