How important is SEO Content?

seo-contentSome experts are convinced that content is the new SEO. And, in some cases, they’re not entirely wrong. With Google Penguin and Panda updates from this year, it’s no secret that websites with fresh, interesting content are being rewarded by Google. Google has also become more secretive on how they rank SEO, so it’s difficult to understand exactly what keywords drive traffic. So, it’s safe to say that content plays a very large role in the reputation, integrity and value of a website.

Let’s take a look at how SEO was impacted in the first place. It started back in 2011 when two updates – Google Penguin and Google Fresh – were implemented. Since then, there have been many subsequent updates, but these two started it all. The Penguin update targeted websites that were lacking in quality, such as by getting their material from content farms. Fresh gave preference to websites that were updated regularly and posted time-sensitive content.

By looking at Google Penguin and Fresh, the main objective became writing interesting, relevant and quality content, and it hasn’t changed since. Google Penguin and Panda updates have also worked together over the last few years to penalize sites using black hat SEO tactics. Bottom line: Content is king. The more you put forth and the better quality it is, the higher your site will rank.

Of course, you can continue to put out high-quality reads, but if you don’t have an audience, your site will still suffer. That’s why SEO is still important and will ultimately bring more traffic to your site. It’s better to write naturally – no keyword stuffing – but still throw in a few keywords that your users are likely to be searching for. There has been a recent focus on using geo-targeted keywords, which is helpful in connecting with your local audience. To find the best keywords, use Google AdWords.

How you use the keywords is also important. You can’t just toss a few into your blog posts and call it a day. Instead, use a keyword in the title of the article, and then in the body of the text. Add in a few long-tail variations, maybe with the city and state of your business. Use these keywords to link back to the cornerstone pages of your website. Also, link to other reputable sites in your industry. This is all great for SEO.

At the end of the day, good content and effective SEO content must come together to offer the best chance at succeeding online.

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