Grow Your Pinterest Following With These 10 Tips

Pinterest is just one more platform that allows your brand to connect with an audience and engage with others. As with other social media sites, you don’t want to create a profile and stop there. Instead, you want to increase your followers so that you get more re-pins, likes, comments, clicks and impressions. Plus, the fact that you can market with both a photo and a short description means you can get a lot accomplished.

Here are 10 tips for increasing Pinterest following.

1. Add the Pinterest follow button to your website and blog. Make sure you install it in a visible place so that readers are more enticed to follow you.

2. Add the Profile Widget to your site. You may find that this widget is more effective than the follow button since it shows 30 of your latest pins, and it’s bigger and more prominent. Use Pinterest’s widget or create your own.

3. Get active on Pinterest. Share photos and pin images yourself. This gives your brand more exposure and will connect you with the right audience.

4. Find Popular Pins and comment on them. Popular Pins are those that have gotten a lot of attention, so if you can post a meaningful comment as well, it’s more exposure for your own brand. Of course, don’t comment too much, as this is spammy behavior.

5. Mention others in your pins. This shows that you are recognizing their contribution and take the time to discover what other people are posting, not just you.

6. Promote your boards. Sometimes, it’s easier to promote a board rather than an entire profile. Identify your most popular boards and market them to a particular audience.

7. Contribute to other boards. You may post to other people’s boards, and if their followers like your pins, they may follow you, too. This is simple and easy to do, plus it grows rapports within your community.

8. Connect your Pinterest account with other social media accounts. This way, you can display your latest pins on Facebook and Twitter, creating engagement on other platforms.

9. Follow others. This sounds simple, but the goal is to follow others that pertain to your brand. This way, you’re more likely to build a quality following rather than a general one that may have no interest in your product or service.

10. Run Pinterest contests. They are a great way to get people involved by visiting your site, entering in their email and so forth. You can also market the contests on Facebook to draw in more contestants.

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