Google in The Wall Street Journal

There is an article on Google in the Wall Street Journal today talking about how much data the search engine giant has on all of us.  The data comes from the pay-per-click, email, search and other activities we take part in on their system.  The Journal reports that Google feels and enormous responsibility to use this information responsibly.  To date they have bypassed a number of opportunities to monetize our data.  Bravo Google.  These guys have some class.

The reason Google doesn’t have to jump on every money making idea is based in their incredible success.  In June 75% of global Internet users, or 943.8 million people used the Google service.  That’s almost a billion people.  With $23.7 billion in revenue in 2009 they can afford to maintain an incredibly high standard in everything they do.

I am proud to have part of my business and the service I offer to my clients connected to Google.  My dad always said if you want to be the best hang out with the right people.  I think the Google people are the right people for me and my clients.  I’m happy to continue to fuel there responsible success.

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