Google is finally taking legal action against scammers

Google takes legal action against scammers

I told you so!  Google is finally taking action against the fraudulent robocalls being made by pretend “Google” representatives.  It’s about time. These people have been lighting up our phone lines for years telling us that we need to fix our Google listings.

Here are few other things you should know about these calls:

  1. It’s a scam. These calls are not coming from Google. Google has never made outbound calls like these.
  2. The companies don’t do the research they claim. They tell everyone the same thing about incorrect or unclaimed listings.
  3. Your company can do this listing quickly and easily in 15 to 30 minutes
  4. These companies often create new listing that duplicate your existing listing causing confusion.
  5. These companies rarely fully complete your business listing page leaving out critical information that does help increase traffic to your website.
  6. The fees are very high and often require an annual contract with monthly payments. This is simply not a monthly service. Do it once and you are done.

Here is the article from Search Engine Land.  Next time they call, hang up.

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