Google is finally taking legal action against scammers

I told you so!  Google is finally taking action against the fraudulent robocalls being made by pretend “Google” representatives.  It’s about time. These people have been lighting up our phone lines for years telling us that we need to fix our Google listings. Here are few other things you should know about these calls: It’s…

How to Set Up Your Business Google Plus Page

Google+ is one of the fastest growing social media sites, so you’re missing out if your business doesn’t have a profile. In fact, Google+ has opened the door for many businesses, especially in a local sense. Fortunately, creating a profile doesn’t take much time, but the details make a difference. Here’s how to set up…

How Do I Increase My Google Maps Ranking?

The wonderful thing about Google Maps is that a business can rank well in Maps without having a well-ranked website. Of course, having an optimized website is ideal, but at least Google Maps gives a fair opportunity for local businesses to claim their spot. As more businesses are joining the listings, however, Google has had…


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