Phone Directory Advertising vs Real Internet Marketing

It is the Yellow Pages phone directory renewal time on the Treasure coast right now.  It’s that time ONCE a YEAR when we get to revise and sign an iron clad contract for our advertising program with the PHONE company.  Did you get that ONCE a YEAR, IRON CLAD CONTRACT and PHONE company.  Say what…

Google in The Wall Street Journal

There is an article on Google in the Wall Street Journal today talking about how much data the search engine giant has on all of us.  The data comes from the pay-per-click, email, search and other activities we take part in on their system.  The Journal reports that Google feels and enormous responsibility to use this information…

Search Engine Marketing vs. Search Engine Optimization

I pitched a prospect on a national PPC campaign last week to jump start a lackluster launch of the new enterprise.  In my opinion, a well executed PPC campaign is the fastest most efficient way to do ground level market research and create sales activity.  The client gets the added benefit of generating real sales leads that…


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