How Do I Increase My Google Maps Ranking?

The wonderful thing about Google Maps is that a business can rank well in Maps without having a well-ranked website. Of course, having an optimized website is ideal, but at least Google Maps gives a fair opportunity for local businesses to claim their spot. As more businesses are joining the listings, however, Google has had…

What Happened to Link Building?

When I started my business in digital marketing my first thought was link building is too easy and isn’t this creating a lot of junk out there on the internet? I learned that truly this was an accepted way of “advertising” a website on the internet. It was also incredibly easy and unbelievably cheap. There…

What are the Primary Elements in Local SEO?

Local SEO is a type of online marketing that increases a business’ visibility for geographically related keywords. Although you may be hearing a lot about local SEO as of lately, it’s a relatively new word that didn’t appear much until 2008. The reason for this is because, traditionally, people would search for local businesses using…

How important is SEO Content?

Some experts are convinced that content is the new SEO. And, in some cases, they’re not entirely wrong. With Google Penguin and Panda updates from this year, it’s no secret that websites with fresh, interesting content are being rewarded by Google. Google has also become more secretive on how they rank SEO, so it’s difficult…

7 Reasons Your SEO Efforts Are not Working

Everyone who has ever managed their website’s SEO knows that it’s a complicated field with many nuances, rumours and changes, which makes it hard to define what really works. Some experiment months before they realize that SEO is not bringing the results they desire. Quite often, the reason is a deviation from basic SEO truths….


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