What is a Backlink in SEO Terms?

Backlinking is very important to SEO, which is why you’re hearing more about why solid backlinks should be part of your organic search strategy. A backlink is essentially a link back to your site; it can come from your blog, someone else’s blog or a news article written about your niche field. The goal of backlinks is to help tell Google which sites are most trusted. The more people that link back to your site, the more value your site has. The concept makes sense, but of course, there are plenty of gray areas to be concerned with.

For instance, since backlinks have been a tool used in ranking sites, some websites use spammy or irrelevant links, or links that come from untrustworthy websites. On the outside, it looks like the site has good backlinking. But a closer look determines that these links have little to no value. With Google cracking down on the integrity of backlinks, quality is becoming more important than quantity.

In getting back to the basics, let’s talk about the structure of a backlink.

Just what is a backlink, anyway?

A backlink is a relevant, working link that directs back to a web page
A backlink has anchor text, which is the text you click on.
Each backlink has a domain value that is assigned by Google.

Now that you know what a backlink is – and that quality is better than quantity – here are some friendly tips that will complement your SEO strategy.

Be Consistent – You can’t have 20 backlinks one day and 1,000 the next. This will raise red flags, and Google may penalize your site. Instead, be consistent with your backlinks and it will pay off.
Optimize Anchor Tags – When you use anchor text that is general, such as “click here,” you’re missing out on a golden opportunity. Use keyword-rich anchor text that is relevant to your industry so that you can rank better in SEO.
Vary Your Domains – If you keep using links from the same sites, it’s basically telling Google that your site isn’t relevant. Switch up which sources your links are coming from.

Here are a few ideas for how you can add backlinks to your site:

  • Guest blogging
  • Press releases
  • Comment sections of other blogs
  • Having your website added to industry portals

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