5 SEO Mistakes You May be Making

Earlier this year, Matt Cutts – head of Google’s web spam team – identified five of the biggest SEO mistakes that webmasters make. The online landscape is rapidly changing, so it’s never a good idea to get stuck in the past. You must move forward with the changes and learn how to adapt to them so that your site can achieve long-term success.

Mistake #1: Your site can’t be crawled.

Google uses web crawlers to find and index web pages. If your content is easy to find, then Google will be able to crawl through it, and this will help your website look more relevant, unique and up to date. But, if your site can’t be crawled through, your content won’t be discovered. Search through your site, and make sure all pages can be reached by clicking on the links. (Note: Click on Google’s cache of your site and click the “Text-only version” link.)

Mistake #2: You aren’t using relevant words and keywords.

While you want to write naturally for your audience, you still want to make sure that you are including relevant words and phrases that people search for. Always think of what your audience will be entering into the search box. For instance, chances are high that your audience will be asking questions, so include them in your content.

Mistake #3: Your site has low-quality titles and descriptions.

Make sure that all pages – especially your homepage and high-traffic pages – have good titles and descriptions. This will encourage people to bookmark the pages, and make them more likely to click on your page because the description will look enticing. There’s no success formula here, so play around with different titles and descriptions to see what drives traffic most.

Mistake #4: You are too focused on link building.

Link building IS important, but it is designed to happen naturally. Unfortunately, too many webmasters push the issue, and they end up spending more time on this than creating good content. Instead of trying to bulk up the number of links to your site, focus on compelling content that will naturally engage your target audience.

Mistake #5: You aren’t using available resources.

We could all use a little help sometimes, and webmasters need to take advantage of the available webmaster tools. These resources come in the form of blog posts, videos, forums and infographics. The next time you see an SEO expert making recommendations, take a few minutes to read them and see how they can be applied to your site.


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