5 Facts About SEO

SEO-factsSEO facts are constantly changing. At one time, SEO focused on the technical aspects of a site, whereas today, SEO focuses more on user-friendliness, engagement and visibility. As more users rely on Google to deliver the best, most accurate SERPs, those sites that are in the top positions automatically build trust in users.

Here are five SEO facts that every marketer should know.

1. Website Optimization is Key

While the technical aspects of a site are still important, website optimization is even more important. Through optimizing your web pages, you’ll need to consider the technical aspects, such as being mobile friendly, keeping your social profiles connected to your site and managing backlinks. Optimized web pages are user friendly and easier to find by search engines.

2. Content is King

Content is always at the heart of a good SEO strategy, but it hasn’t been until recently that a certain standard of content was set. The search engines favor longer, “meatier” posts that have few keywords and links. To drive traffic, relevant and original content that engages readers is necessary. You just can’t get away with anything less.

3. Know the Panda and the Penguin

These zoo animals have gotten lots of attention lately, and for good reason. The algorithm updates implemented by Google target sites that have low-quality content and poor links. While these updates haven’t been embraced by webmasters, it proves to us that there are no shortcuts to SEO, and we must focus on SEO as a long-term investment.

4. Social Media Plays a Role, Too

There’s more to social media than posting funny pictures and sharing your thoughts on the latest political campaign. Social media is part of a solid SEO strategy because it shows that customers are engaged in your brand. It’s a good idea to be on at least two social sites so that you can connect with a unique audience and display two-way communication and engagement.

5. Personalized Search Results

The Internet is becoming a more personalized experience. If you sign onto your roommate’s computer, for instance, search results and ads will be tailored to that user. Author Rank has played a big role in SEO, as it allows businesses to build credibility and awareness in the search engines and connect with readers who care about their mission.

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