5 key factors for your website

5 key factors for your website In a prior blog we covered some high level elements in building your company’s Internet presence and why it’s important. Specifically we introduced the importance of the website, search marketing, social media, mobile media and freshness. This article will focus on key elements of your website that will help you earn a first page search positions with Google and the other search engines. There are many elements that contribute to your online success. However, your website provides the foundation for all other activities and elements. Special attention must be paid to producing and maintaining a high quality website. All of us want to see our company represented on the first page of the Google search results. We know we need to be on the first page preferably, at the top to maximize the number of sales or leads we get from the website. The goal is simple but the process of achieving the goal is complicated. Keep in mind that Google reads, indexes and scores every content page on every website in the world on a regular basis. We need to meet and exceed the search engine requirements to reach our goal of a first page ranking. Here are 5 critical elements that must be present for your website to rank highly in search results.
  1. Website technical integrity in the programming code that makes your site work. It is critically important that the website platform be compatible with the search engine requirements. Your website earns a top search position only if the code allows the search engine to easily read and index your website content. Bad code can cause the website crawlers to stop before the entire site is indexed. Sites that have this problem struggle to get on the first page of the search results.
  2. Website navigation that has an intuitive well organized structure and design will earn higher search rankings. There are two benefits here a) the website crawlers can more easily read the site and understand the content. b) Visitors to your website will find it easier to locate the information they want, resulting in more pages being visited and extended time on the site. More page visits and more time on your website is key factor in search engine optimization.
  3. Website content must be well written to meet specific search engine optimizations standards. The content pages have to be written for the search engine crawlers and for the website visitors. This is a tricky prospect that is best left to the experts if you want to earn top search positions.
  4. Keywords research and selection is also a critical element in optimizing your website. Most business people want to focus on terms that are most common to them. Often these are trade terms that consumers don’t use when searching on the Internet for their service. It is important to use terminology that your customers use for your products. It is also important to use terms that have a high volume of searches. It makes no sense to create content copy that uses terms that few people use to find your products on the Internet.
  5. Website design is also important to the search engines. Yes they are able to evaluate the appearance and esthetic quality of your website design. Old and outdated website designs can undermine your websites ability to earn top of the first page search results. There are thousands of modern website templates available as well as designers that can create the look and feel that will please the search engines and your website visitors.


Always remember that your success in earning first page search result is dependent on how well your competitors are doing with their search engine optimization efforts. Google gives your company its ranking by comparing your website to others in your category and in your service area. The winner gets the top positions in the search results. Google’s stated mission is to deliver the very best search result to their users. A focus on delivering the very best visitor experience on your website is a key to success in search engine optimization. It is also critically important to assess your competition regularly, retain and expert to create a comprehensive strategy and be consistent in your effort to improve your website. You will earn points in the battle against your competition by keeping your site fresh by making regular contributions and improvement to your website. There are many other factors that contribute to your website performance that have to be considered to reach your full online potential. It takes a full commitment and patients to build a top performing website. PS: Just for fun Google changes the rules on a regular basis. Complying with search engine optimization rules is a moving target. WSI Web Sales Now is a full service digital marketing agency located in Vero Beach, FL. We provide digital marketing services for local, regional, national and global firms. We are affiliated with WSI Digital Market a global Internet marketing franchisor.

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